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Capoeira Instruments

Development of and support for engagement and grievance mechanisms

  • Stakeholder engagement strategies, plans, and tools

  • Stakeholder analysis, mapping and evaluation

  • Grievance mechanisms: Development, benchmarking, sharing trends and lessons learned

  • Grievance mechanism involving allegations of serious human rights impacts

Business meeting

Coaching, training, and skill building

We provide coaching, training, and skill building on a range of topics at all levels of an organisation. This includes strategic management support, team design, and leadership development. Topics include:

  • Integrated social performance and social performance management systems

  • Identifying, assessing, and mitigating social risks

  • Conflict analysis, management, and resolution

  • Negotiation and agreement-making

  • Engagement

  • Managing expectations

Social Performance

We work with our partners to take an integrated approach to social performance, focusing on hands-on, on-the-ground effectiveness. We see social performance as an integral part of business processes, not as an add-on, and like other types of business performance, as a shared responsibility across an organization.

We believe that systematically addressing social challenges and establishing constructive relationships do not need to be complicated. We are ready to lend our expertise in ways that are practical, straightforward, and tailored to your local context.


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Support in the development of plans and strategies

  • Social performance strategies

  • Social management plans

  • Social investment strategies

  • Social closure planning

  • Communications strategies

  • Influx management plans

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Assessment and reviews

  • Social performance assessment and effectiveness reviews

  • Benchmarking and gap analysis

  • Due diligence


Support for the implementation of Indigenous Peoples approaches

  • Indigenous relations strategies

  • Indigenous relations communications

  • Development of agreement-making models (including free, prior, and informed consent)

  • Benchmarking against international standards and expectations

  • Identification of rightful traditional landowners

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