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Triple R Alliance

Where human rights, social performance

 and corporate responsibility intersect

Striving for Positive Change

Triple R Alliance is a collective of social performance and human rights experts that supports companies in their efforts to reduce human rights risk and ensure positive relations with local community, NGO, and government stakeholders. We have complementary social performance and human rights practices.

We want to see business deliver on its promise to drive respect for human rights and have a net positive impact on society. Our human rights practice and our social performance practice work in tandem to achieve these goals. While they apply different lenses, we see our human rights and social performance practices and complementary to each other. 

Our focus is to make a difference on the ground through hands-on expertise, coaching and the delivery of practical tools and approaches to improve rigour across the board. We work at all levels moving confidently from the boardroom and C-suite to the field. 

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503125 Grey Road 1
Georgian Bluffs, Ontario
N0H 2T0


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